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12.05.08 16 Comments

Jim Carrey plays a gay guy in I Love You Phillip Morris, and in case that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, they also made him do a really bad southern accent.  I still don’t know what the hell to make of this movie.  It seems like a nice departure from the usual crap, subject matter-wise, but the tone looks hokey Hollywood to the nth degree.  And I still can’t get over them naming a guy Phillip Morris if the movie has nothing to do with tobacco products.  Yeah, maybe it’s just a name, but would people take Casablanca as seriously if it were about a love triangle between RJR Nabisco, MacDonnel Douglas, and Lorna Doone?

Jim Carrey should a Vera DeMilo movie. She was a female bodybuilder.  It’s funny because Jim Carrey is a man.

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