Jim Carrey plays an electric car

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10.21.10 9 Comments

The first time I heard Jim Carrey was starring in a movie called “I Love You Phillip Morris,” I figured, “Phillip Morris?  Why, that movie’s probably about smoking.”  As it turns out, Jim Carrey’s character in the film does love smoking. …PENISES!  HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, get it?  He likes smoking penises?  Seriously though, he’s gay.  Not sure if you caught that.

(trailer is r-rated, and borderline NSFW for cursing and implied “electric car” sex)

I Love You Phillip Morris comes from Bad Santa writers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (love that movie).  It played at Sundance two years ago and it seemed like everyone was afraid to distribute it in the US (which probably means it’s decent), but now Roadside Attractions is finally putting it out in December.  Hey, you know what’d be a “roadside attraction” for Jim Carrey’s character?  A dude’s wiener.

What?  No high five?

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