Jimmy Kimmel Has ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Oscar Consideration Video Covered

In case you still haven’t seen it, The Wolf of Wall Street has generated a ton of buzz for breaking the record for most F-bombs dropped in a movie with 491,387,469, give or take six. In fact, as many people have talked about the naughty language of the film as the people who are arguing with random strangers on the Internet over the real meaning of the film. Is it a deep, dark parody of the American dream that pulls the curtain back on how far people are willing to go to become instantly wealthy or is it a celebration of a total A-hole who stole from so many people to fund his opulent lifestyle and still shows little remorse for his crimes?

Who f*cking cares?!?! They said f*ck! F*ck f*cketty f*ck f*ck f*ck. On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the former Man Show host revealed this very special Oscar consideration for The Wolf of Wall Street. F*cking enjoy.