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09.22.08 98 Comments

Alt. Headline: Jimmy Smits Cuts to the Chase

Jimmy Smits accidentally stabbed co-star Jeff Chase while filming a scene for Dexter, when he accidentally picked up a real knife instead of a prop knife.

Dexter star Michael C. Hall screamed in horror “Stop! Stop! Stop!” as fellow actor Jimmy Smits stabbed another actor repeatedly in the chest with a real knife on the set of their hit show.

The shocking September 5 incident [don’t ask me why we’re only hearing about it now] occurred after a real knife was mistakenly placed next to a theatrical prop knife.

“During a horrific execution scene with actor Jeff Chase, Smits was so into the part he kept stabbing Chase ferociously with what he thought was a fake knife,” a shaken eyewitness told the Enquirer…

Smits was so caught up in the emotionally charged scene, it took him about 16 seconds to stop. “By a miracle, Chase escaped without a cut because he had a protective chest plate on underneath his clothes,” said the source. [National Enquire via Celebitchy]

Hmm, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say “so caught up in the emotionally charged scene” is code for “took the same oblivious attitude towards the scene as he did to checking the props beforehand.”  Chase reportedly plans to get Smits back by setting his cell phone next to a hot iron and calling him to see if he answers the wrong one.

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