JJ Abrams’ secret movie trailer playing before Iron Man

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05.04.10 22 Comments

JJ Abrams, the little lad who directed Star Trek and likes berries and cream, has reportedly been hard at work on a movie project.  The teaser for it will be attached to Iron Man 2 this weekend, but up until now, he’s managed to keep everyone involved from saying anything about it .  And all because he wanted to make sure it was a surprise for us.  Aw, Special J, you know me so well.  *leans over to kiss him on top of the head*

Says HitFix, who broke the news:

What if I told you JJ Abrams had a mystery box called “Super 8” all gift-wrapped and ready for everyone to open this week, and there hasn’t been a single word written about it online so far?  Impressive, don’t you think?

When audiences sit down for screenings of “Iron Man 2” this weekend, they’re going to see trailers for other summer movies that they’ve already heard of, and then they’ll also get their first look at a movie that Abrams is producing via a teaser trailer he directed, much like the teaser trailer that announced “Cloverfield” to an unsuspecting audience in front of “Transformers.”  That was almost a complete surprise when it happened.

[from an Abrams speech at an earlier conference] “I can tell you that the film is called “Super 8.”  I can also tell you that it is rumored to be a “Cloverfield” sequel. How it ties in to the first film is unclear at this point, but I would imagine the trailer will make that connection explicit so that audiences basically walk out after two hours of amazing Iron Man action talking about a two minute trailer as the most exciting thing they saw.  What I can’t tell you is what you’re actually going to see in the trailer, and frankly, I don’t want to know yet.”

It appears that Abrams will not be directing this film, and the more I’ve poked into it, the more convinced I am that this is not the movie that Abrams is rumored to be teaming with Steven Spielberg to make.

He goes onto say that theater owners have gone to the trouble of putting the Iron Man prints in locked canisters that can’t be opened until Thursday afternoon, and during filming of the teaser, Abrams even tricked crew members into thinking they were working on a teen sex comedy with a fake title.  I love it when they go these insane lengths to protect silly things like this, because it makes me imagine five guys who look like Napoleon Dynamite carrying sub machine guns repelling down from the ceiling like Mission Impossible just before show time.  “Uh, like, give uth the JJ Abramth spoilerth. (*sucks saliva through teeth*)”

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