John Cassavetes is obsessed with sperm

This weekend, two of my favorite entities,

The video here is their idea of a trailer for the event.  It features John Cassavetes’ performance in the 1982 film, Incubus, and his portrayal of a man with a singular obsession: sperm.  Seriously, everything is always sperm sperm sperm with this guy. He eats, sleeps, drinks and sh*ts sperm. Not only just “sperm”, but “an incredible amount of sperm” and “a hell of a lot sperm,” and “buckets and buckets of sperm.”  Talking about sperm is one thing, but constantly including quantities just takes it to another level.  Why do I get the feeling I’ve seen this film already?  Anyway, here’s Cinefamily’s description of the festival:

It’s a kind of gonzo convention for the most insane collectors of film and video ephemera (all of our friends basically), mixed in with with all of our favorite people on frontier of the comedy scene — people pushing the envelope of what comedy even is. Is that funny or just f*ckin’ weird? [Cinefamily]

And because I’m such a nice guy, I’ve got three tickets to the event of your choice, for the first person who can email me and tell me what movie is being parodied in the credits of this video. That’s right, three. You can bring your significant other and whatever pretty young thing you pick up at the truck stop.