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06.17.08 216 Comments

John Cleese, who reportedly waived his royalties to Spamalot thinking it wouldn’t make any money, is currently working on a musical based on the classic comedy A Fish Called Wanda (as reenacted above).

"I’ve been working on it with my daughter Camilla, who’s 24 and 6ft 2in," he says [Yo! But how big is her titties, yo? –Ed.]. "She’s much funnier and quicker than I am, so I limp along after her.”

"We’ve knocked the story into shape. We’re going to try a few lyrics and if it turns out we are no good – which is what I expect – we’ll get a new lyricist in. Right now we’re working on the story and trying to figure out where the songs should go. It’s very early days, though."

Cleese could certainly do with the money. He faces a divorce from his third wife, Alyce Faye Eichelberger, which could see him hand over two houses, half his earnings and maintenance of almost £1 million a year. [Daily Telegraph]

Hmm, what rhymes with greedy, shrew-faced hedgehog?  Musicals based on classic comedies are always great because they allow rich people to laugh at fart jokes without having to consort with ethnic types and the peasantry.  But personally, I think they should adapt this into a socially conscious drama to raise awareness about the Darfur massacre. A Fish Called Rwanda, they could call it.

*stands in corner* 

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