John Cusack Is Making A Rush Limbaugh Movie

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11.05.12 22 Comments

All right, first thing is first – we ain’t getting political here. I’m just reporting some movie news. That said, John Cusack is about to get all political on our asses. The star of Gross Pointe Blank and that terrible movie where he gets stuck in that hotel room and he can never leave and Samuel L. Jackson is yelling at him about it is developing a film entitled Rush, apparently about the life of bloated sack of wind radio mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh. “This is great,” said nobody, because this will only lead to a complete mess.

So why the hell would Cusack and director Betty Thomas even bother with this nonsense, Yahoo!?

Limbaugh is in the front ranks of colorful and provocative media figures. Earlier this year, Limbaugh called a Georgetown law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” on air for arguing to Democrats in Congress that health plans should pay for contraception.

Oh no he didn’t!

This week, the host mocked Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his “bromance” with Obama after Christie praised the president’s response to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Bromance! Topical! But Cusack as Rush Limbaugh? That doesn’t make sense.

Cusack as Limbaugh isn’t typecasting, politics aside. Cusack is a slender, dark-haired 46-year-old, while Limbaugh is 61, balding and portly. But Hollywood’s makeup experts have probably had greater challenges.

Oh snap, Yahoo!. Oh snap, indeed. But the important question is, what does Yahoo! commenter Buckethead think about this?

John Cusak. Another piece of Hollywood garbage and communist.

Well said, Mr. Head. Well said.

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