John Travolta crashed a wedding

While many of his acting peers are beloved, their every real-life good deed fawned over by hundreds of websites, John Travolta has never quite been embraced by the internet generation. Seems like all anyone talks about is how he’s a creepy Scientologist and/or a molesty closeted gay man. He desperately needed some good publicity, and he finally got some recently, when, in a move tailor made for Reddit, he met a Georgia couple out at a bar and then showed up to their wedding the next day.

While Bill Murray probably would’ve dipped the bride on the dance floor or knocked over the cake or something, John Travolta mostly just stood around in his black t-shirt giving the thumb’s up. Hey, it’s a start. At least he’s trying. Any day we’re talking about him doing something cool and not a description of his unkempt pubic hair has to be considered an improvement.

My favorite Reddit comment: “He wore those same clothes on the honeymoon too.”

Jesus Chris, is that ten bridesmaids? No one needs ten bridesmaids.

Saaaaame shirt…


But wait, are we sure this was really John Travolta?

Suddenly it all makes sense.

 [via Reddit, Imgur, hat tip: Yahoo]