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06.10.08 28 Comments

A stuntman died on the set of John Woo’s new movie Red Cliff in Beijing.  Surprisingly, the cause had nothing to do with white doves or people shooting two pistols at once.

"The fire broke out early Monday morning when the crew were shooting a scene in which a small, smoking boat crashed with a large ancient war vessel," Xinhua news agency said.
At the point of collision, at which machines let out smoke, an unchoreographed flame jumped 30 meters (yards) into the air, the Beijing News said, citing crew at the northern Beijing location.

Good job, Reuters.  Glad you felt the need to explain to us what a meter is, and to tell us it’s the same as a yard – close enough, I guess.

The film, adapted from China’s classic novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," is set in 208 AD in the dying days of the Han dynasty, culminating in the battle of Red Cliff in which 2,000 ships were burnt. [Reuters]

The good news is that because it happened in China, there’s a lot less paperwork involved.  No lawyers, no insurance companies, no OSHA.  In China you tell a government official, "Hey, uh, so… Somebody died on the set."  And they just shrug and go, "Bumma, man.  Suck fo dat guy."

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