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05.15.09 16 Comments

(Separated at birth?)

Question marks in the headline can mean only one thing: it’s time to prognosticate! Will humans land on Mars?  Is purple the new pink? Would this monkey let me squeeze her tits for a banana?  No one knows for sure, and that means we’re free to speculate wildly! Yee haw!

Considering Leonardo DiCaprio’s been the star of Marty Scorsese’s last four movies and has blue eyes (so dreamy…),the obvious speculation was that he’d be the guy to star in Scorsese’s Sinatra flick. But now Nikki Finke has some news to the contrary. Well, maybe not news, exactly…

I hear Universal’s first choice to fill the role may be Johnny Depp. The studio is thrilled with his performance in this summer’s forthcoming Public Enemies and very much wants to stay in the Johnny Depp business. Besides, it’s already been determined that the lead actor playing Sinatra won’t be singing. The movie will feature Sinatra’s own recordings thanks to a deal with Frank Sinatra Enterprises, guaranteeing the participation of the Sinatra estate and Warner Music Group. Besides, Scorsese and Depp have never worked together: that alone could be reason enough to see this pic. [DHD]

Well good thing they caught Public Enemies, otherwise who knows where they could’ve seen an obscure arthouse thesp like Johnny Depp?  That guy’s hardly in anything.  Anyway, whatever happens, I wish them luck.  My great grandparents have been in the Johnny Depp business since they came over from the old country, and it’s hard honest work.

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