Johnny Depp Is The Next Superstar Actor To Claim That He's Retiring

07.29.13 6 years ago 13 Comments

As Johnny Depp is making the media rounds to prepare the United Kingdom for the disappointment of The Lone Ranger, he stopped by BBC Breakfast yesterday for an interview and ended up dropping quite the juicy little nugget on everyone. In a very mumbly explanation of his preparations for his role as Tonto – and while wearing a shirt that I swear I owned in high school – Depp showed off his sparkly-painted finger nails before addressing his recent comments about retirement in Rolling Stone.

Naturally, Depp admitted that he won’t be quitting today or tomorrow – not with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Golden Gift Certificate To Hot Topic and Alice in Wonderland 2: Hat Madder money on the table – but he did say that the end is “probably not too far away.”

Among the other high profile actors that have mentioned at least taking a vacation from acting, if not a miniature retirement, are Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Channing Tatum, which means that we’re getting closer and closer to a world in which Taylor Lautner, Jaden Smith and Kellan Lutz would be considered leading men. I’m not ready to live in that horrible dystopian Hollywood.

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