Matt And Vince Talk ‘Us’ In This Frotcast Bonus

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They look just like us, but they’re… different. Matt raises an interesting question in this week’s Bonus Frotcast: are “the tethered” from Us a metaphor for MAGA chuds? Are they even meant to be something specific, or are they just a really clever Rorschach that you can see whatever meaning you want in? Is Jordan Peele’s Us one of the best sophomore features ever, and could he be the vanguard of a new auteur era?

Matt and I discuss these questions and more on this week’s bonus episode of the Frotcast. We both thought we knew what to expect from the Get Out guy, but Jordan Peele gave us something different. Us is somehow just like Get Out yet also its perfect opposite. Its mirror image, you might say.  How was Peele able to succeed where so many others have failed? Ponder these questions along with Matt and I on this week’s bonus episode. Stay tuned for more free episodes, and in the meantime, check out our Sopranos rewatch podcast, Pod Yourself A Gun. You’ll never be lonely when you have the Frotcast.

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