Josh Brolin compares Jonah Hex to Piranha 3D

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09.10.10 13 Comments


The ever-lovable Josh Brolin recently sat down for an interview with our buddy awkward Josh Horowitz over at MTV (video below the cut).  Horowitz asked Brolin about Jonah Hex, and whether he was proud of the film.  Candid as always, Brolin says no, which is one of the reasons he’s so damn cool.  But he did have a few caveats:

Awkward Josh: “Reassess the Jonah Hex situation for us, are you proud of the film?”

Keep Brolin Brolin Brolin: “You mean now that I don’t have to promote it? No.”

“We had an original intention and that got away from us a little bit. Everybody did do their best to try and create the best movie with what we had, but I think it got so derailed at a certain point that the assemblage of what we could use was so disconnected to what our original intention was that it just got mixed up.”

“I still think it’s a lot of fun if you go in and see that movie.  That’s what I told the marketing people at Warner Bros. I said, ‘I can’t lie about this, so I have to look for a truism that I can go with. So I do think that if you go in there, kind of like with ‘Piranha 3-D’ — when you go to see that movie you go, ‘This is ridiculous and this is fun’ — so if you went into ‘Jonah Hex’ with that, I think you had a good time.”

You’re wrong, Josh Brolin, I had a GREAT time.  Piranha 3D was okay, but I had a way better time at Jonah Hex.  The wink-wink, tongue-in-cheek stuff like Machete and Piranha 3D can be great if it’s done well, but it will never be as good as when you can sense that there was an  earnest attempt to create a serious movie.  It’s the difference between a clown wearing wacky clothes for attention, and John Malkovich showing up to the bar dressed like this, going “What? What are you guys looking at?  I thought we were partyin.”


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