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11.09.07 110 Comments

Fresh off the news that the Broncos’ kicker wrote a book called Monday Night Jihad, comes the story that Josh Hartnett and Sam Rockwell will be starring in End Zone, a movie that explores similar, fertile territory. 

George Ratliff will be directing the adaptation of the Don DeLillo book, which will also star Kat Dennings, the breasty goth daughter from 40-Year-Old Virgin

Hartnett will play a gifted running back who is fumbling [great verbery, LOL!] his attempts to acclimate to stardom. Dennings plays a student who captivates the jock [ROFLCOPTER!]. Rockwell plays the school’s excitable publicist. Yet to be cast is a teacher of international terrorism and mass destruction who sees the running back as the perfect soldier/student. [Variety]

De Lillo’s book, End Zone, according to Amazon, is "the story of an angst-ridden, war-obsessed running back for Logos College in West Texas, End Zone is a heady and hilarious conflation of Cold War existentialism and the parodied parallelism of battlefield/sports rhetoric." 

Sounds great.  Hey, know what else is heady?  Your mom.  BOOSH.

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