Judd Apatow producing a new Pee-Wee Herman movie

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07.01.10 19 Comments

It’s hard to remember a time when getting caught at a jack-off theater could get you thrown out of show business for a decade plus like it did Pee Wee Herman back in ’91. (And isn’t raiding a jack-off theater to catch guys jacking off kind of a d*ck move? Why else would guys be going to the AMC Jack-Off 24?)  These days it wouldn’t even be news if he was a Republican congressman.  But Paul Reubens could soon be the ultimate comeback story for public masturbators, as Judd Apatow is set to produce a new Pee-Wee movie.  The project came about after Apatow caught the Pee Wee Herman revival show, which played to sold-out crowds at the Nokia theater in LA earlier this year.  Said Apatow, “It was brilliant, I sat there jacking off the entire time.”

Judd Apatow is developing an untitled Pee-Wee Herman feature for Universal that Paul Reubens is writing with thesp-scribe Paul Rust [the guy who loved Beth Cooper]. Apatow will produce though he will not helm the project.  Pic is described as featuring the iconic geek in a road pic built around “a gigantic adventure.” [Variety]

So, like, bigger than a “Big Adventure”, say? Anyway, I like Judd Apatow as a director.   As a producer… who knows, you might end up with Drillbit Taylor.  But good for Paul Reubens. I’m sure David Carradine and Michael Hutchence are smiling down from whack-off heaven while they choke ‘bate right now.  I know my grandpa is.

Side note: Paul Reubens is 57 years old.  How the hell is that possible?

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