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12.08.08 75 Comments

Julian Schnabel most recently directed The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, but before that, he was an artist who did stuff like paint a gigantic version of a painting he found in a junk yard and charge $6 million for it. If that’s not enough to know he’s a pompous douche, he also wears yellow glasses, and at the Director’s Guild awards this year, he was giving an acceptance speech and going “Uhhh… Ummm…. Hmmm…” when Sean Young shouted “Get on with it!”, which was what everyone else was thinking. At which point he got all hurt and stormed off the stage like a little girl. Similarly, during this recent 60 Minutes profile, Morley Safer asks him about a critic (video after the jump):

“Your old nemesis, Robert Hughes once said of your work, you are to painting what Stallone is to acting.”

At which point Schnabel gets pissed and refuses to answer any more questions. That’s right, he’s indignant about being compared to cinema’s most prolific killer of villainous Asians. He’ll copy a painting he found in the trash and charge $6 million for it, but if anyone questions him about it, they’re just being big meanies. I will give him this: Julian Schnabel is the Babe Ruth of hipster dickweeds.

The question that sands Schnabel’s vagina is at the 8:17 mark.

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