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Watch the Trailer Here

Yesterday I mentioned that Go/Swingers/Mr. & Mrs. Smith director Doug Liman’s next project was Jumper, starring Sam Jackson, Hayden Christianson, and Rachel Bilson. Now the trailer for it is online.  

Sadly, Third Eye Blind doesn’t seem to be involved at all; it looks more like X-Men if the only mutant was Nightcrawler and Rachel Bilson ran around in a bra.  Obviously that second part is a welcome addition. 

Still, it’s basically an amalgamation of every superhero/mutant movie, from E.T. to Spiderman, where great power equals great responsibility.  F that noise.  Know what I’d do if I had superpowers?  Two chicks, man.

I may not have superpowers, but my thumbs are a good two glove sizes bigger than the rest of my fingers, so I guess that kinda makes me a mutant.  I’m freakishly good at holding stuff and, like, non-verbal expressions of encouragement.  Call me ladies.

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