For Just $800,000 You Can Live The James Bond Experience For Three Weeks

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03.25.14 21 Comments

Are you a huge James Bond fan who would love nothing more than to spend 21 days in your gentleman spy hero’s fancy leather shoes? Better yet, are you just a really wealthy person who is truly bored with life and would love nothing more than to burn almost a million dollars for the sake of visiting some famous scenery before ultimately returning to your vast wealth and feeling of general superiority? Either way, I’ve got the deal for you today, because the folks at Select Collection have put together the ultimate James Bond experience, and it will only cost you about $800,000.

So what exactly do you get for that kind of scratch? According to the Standard, your trip begins right in Bond’s backyard of London, England, where you’ll embark on a journey that will take you across Europe, to such extravagant and familiar destinations as Monaco and Venice to relive some of 007’s greatest adventures. Eventually, you’ll make your way to Thailand before ending the whole thing in Jamaica, where you’ll stay at Ian Fleming’s estate.

Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Outpost, which runs the estate, said: “They will have access to a vintage Bond car and be taken by helicopter and speedboat to all the spots featured in Dr No, including Crab Key and of course the setting of arguably the most famous Bond girl scene: Ursula Andress rising from the sea.”

Leija Graf, chief executive of Select Collection, organisers of the trip, said: “The privileged purchasers will be staying at the finest hotels seen in the Bond films, often staying in the same rooms.” (Via the Standard)

Obviously, $800,000 is a lot of money to be shelling out for a luxurious vacation in this economy, so for $100,000 I will personally plan an alternative James Bond experience that will admittedly just be me hiring a homeless person for you to stalk through the Miami airport as if he’s an evil henchman. However, if you happen to run into any police, you’re on your own because I’ll have given you a fake name, like Ranch Beefbottom or something.

If that’s still too much for you, I’ll let you watch If Looks Could Kill with me for $10. One way or another, you’re getting an awesome spy adventure.

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