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My two favorite pictures from yesterday go even better together. C’mon Obama, quit being such a cockblock. (click to enlarge)

Joe Eszterhas’s rejected Maccabee script was über-violent, Jewy |Film Drunk|

UPROXX Donald Glover “Weirdo” DVD Giveaway |UPROXX|

‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: ‘What Is Dead May Never Die’ |Warming Glow|

10 Choice Hip-Hop Music Videos On Relationships |Smoking Section|

The Dugout Opening Days ’12: Washington Nationals |With Leather|

Five Reasons Why Being a 30-Year-Old Gamer Is Awesome |Gamma Squad|

Coachella Brought Tupac Back To Life Last Night In Hologram Form |UPROXX|

12 Ways To Achieve The Very Best Glamour Shot |Buzzfeed|

Kristen Stewart Just Sh*t All Over ‘Twilight.’ Again. |TheSuperficial|

Six Other Appearances from the Tupac Hologram |College Humor|

This is how you seduce a pizza |Videogum|

Fourteen short-lived film-to-TV adaptations. Remember Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Parenthood? Yeah, neither does anyone else |Fark|

5 Apocalypse Scenarios Governments Have Actually Addressed |Mentalfloss|

How To Talk Dirty Without Freaking Her Out |ModernMan|

Holy Sh*t: Tyrion Lannister’s Grizzled Sellsword, Bronn, Used to Be a Huge and Hugely Lame Pop Star |Pajiba|

Happy Birthday, Ian MacKaye |TheDailyWhat|

Five Movies Narrated By Dead People |Unreality|

Top 10 Movies About Serial Killers You Thank God Aren’t Real |ScreenJunkies|

Bad Lip Reading: Joe Biden |High Definite|

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