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The prospect of a Pong movie was already raised by FilmDrunk commenters back in August 2007, as the logical conclusion of this retarded trend towards optioning video games, board games, etc.   It was a joke at first, but it’s going to happen, bet on it.  They’re already doing Asteroids, and as of today, Missile Command. At this point it’s like they’re just beating around the bush to screw with us.

Atari, which has been increasing its efforts to mine its video game library in Hollywood, has tapped Missile Command as a property ripe for a theatrical film. The company is in active discussions with studios, with Fox and Peter Chernin’s new production company the likely venue.
The 1980 game was a product of Cold War anxieties. Players were asked to defend six cities from an onslaught of ballistic missiles (represented by the sort-of squiggly lines) with the help of anti-missile weapons  (represented by flashing cursors) fired from alongside said cities.
Back in the summer, an auction erupted over another Atari property, Asteroids, which Universal and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura ended up winning. [LA Times]

There was a bidding war!  Over a the rights to something where the protagonist is a squiggly line!  The only way this story could sound dumber is if Channing Tatum read it aloud.

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