Just In Time For The Oscars, It’s The Honest Trailer For ‘Gravity’

If you still haven’t seen the critically-acclaimed, Oscar-nominated film Gravity, then you’re going to want to skip this honest trailer unless you don’t give a crap about spoilers. If you have seen it, get ready to either laugh about how spot-on accurate this honest trailer is or complain about how the people at Screen Junkies are picking on your favorite movie of 2013. That’s basically what I’ve taken away from any debates over Gravity, that people either love it or think it’s a pile of inaccurate, regurgitated butt mung. Don’t get upset with that description, either, because that’s an exact quote from Stephen Hawking*.

*He didn’t actually say that. He used some racial epithets that I can’t, in good faith, use on this website, because they’re so incredibly offensive to the Chinese and Irish.