Just What ‘The Expendables 2’ Needed: Tennis

A lot of people like to bag on The Expendables and the upcoming sequel as terrible movies, but when you break the first film down for what it actually was – needless explosions and violence for the purpose of giving some old guys money – it was a pretty damn good film. But if you want a real reason to trash the sequel before it is even released, make it because they’re just adding anybody to the cast now.

The latest to join the action film is Novak Djokovic, the top-ranked male tennis player in the world. Djokovic has absolutely no professional cinema experience – I just assume he has a sex tape somewhere – but he will be shoe-horned into Expendables 2 to play himself because of the most valid reason ever.

He was invited to be in the film by producer Avi Lerner and is already in Bulgaria, where the movie is currently shooting. (Via Cinema Blend)

See? Not only is he friends with the producer but he’s already in a convenient location. As for the extent of his role and whether or not he’ll have a speaking role, I can only pray that his cameo is reminiscent of Bob Hope in Spies Like Us.