Just your basic amateur MMA fight breaking out at a Russian dolphin pool

08.02.11 8 years ago 22 Comments

This is just your basic, impromptu, pick-up MMA fight that starts when a guy jumps into the pool at a Russian dolphin park. A six-way fist fight on the edge of a slippery dolphin pool, sure, just your average day in Russia. Strangely, the fight lasts until the 1:40 mark before the tall guy finally figures out that they should’ve been going shirts vs. skins. Good call, tall guy. Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is, I hope this is viral marketing for the Russian version of Dolphin Tale, because it looks awesome.

Either that or “Dolphin MMA” could become the logical successor to Whale Wars. Fun fact about Russian dolphins: They drink like fish!

[via Buzzfeed]

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