Frotcast 260: Justin Halpern, The Uptown Girl Game

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This week’s FilmDrunk Frotcast really has everything: big name guests, insightful interviews, original bits, clever pop-culture analysis, engaging hosts, and really just a lot of heart. Heart is one of the key features of our #brand. Comedian Matt Lieb joins FilmDrunk’s Vince Mancini and Brendan in the Frotquarters, with Sh*t My Dad Says/I Suck At Girls author Justin Halpern joining via Skype.


2:35 – Matt refuses to believe that Al Pacino is in Jack & Jill. Brendan and Matt do dueling Al Pacino/Adam Sandler impressions.

3:45 – The “Uptown Girl” talent redux, where Matt Lieb can turn any song into “Uptown Girl.” Brendan hadn’t played before.

8:05 – I attempt to get Matt Lieb to “Uptown Girl” the top 100 songs, before quickly realizing we only know about three of them.

8:42 – Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” gets Uptown Girl’d.

9:40 – “Uptown Funk” gets Uptown Girl’d.

13:00 – Justin Halpern joins us via Skype.

17:15 – Big question for Justin as someone who has worked on multiple sitcoms: Have multi-cam sitcoms started mixing the studio audience louder? Why are studio audiences so much more present in multi-cam comedies?

23:00 – The phenomenon of studio audience members saying weird things during shows and how much time it takes to mix them out.

26:50 – The strange phenomenon of laugh-track shows being so much more popular than non in syndication.

33:30 – Justin’s story about Robert Downey Jr. on the set of Due Date.

37:30 – Justin’s Mark Wahlberg encounter, about how Wahlberg initially hated ‘The Departed,’ and called it ‘Gayfellas.’

46:19 – We read some of Nikki Finke’s hard-boiled Hollywood insider fiction.

54:00 – Brendan describes Michael Jordan getting owned by middle-schoolers, and how that’s Brendan’s greatest fear.

1:00:00 – We discuss Miles Teller’s Esquire profile. Is Miles Teller the new Shia Labeouf? Discuss.

1:06:18 – We read your emails and play your voicemails, including a listener who wonders about shoplifting the pootie from a single mother that’s a stripper, and another about Dave Matthews Band, which leads us into a discussion about music nerd rock.

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