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10.06.09 46 Comments

Today’s forgotten classic is 2004’s Karate Dog, and it may be the best thing I’ve ever posted.  It’s a REAL FILM.  Called KARATE DOG.  And don’t worry about it departing too much from the Karate Kid mythology, because it also has Pat Morita, there to lend it credibility.  Pat Morita, Chevy Chase as the dog, and literally everything I’ve ever wanted in a movie:

  • Dog in a fake mustache and glasses
  • Dog driving a red convertible
  • Dog listening to rock n’ roll in red convertible
  • Dog feeding Simon Rex lines during his date with Jaime Pressly via radio (because the dog is cool, and knows all about what chicks like to hear, you see)
  • REER!
  • Doggy lounge band
  • Doggy conga line
  • Dogs playing poker
  • Black dog scamming on some white bitches in a hot tub
  • Dog scratching his OWN RECORDS

With all this and more packed into just two minutes of trailer, you might realistically wonder whether they ever actually show a dog doing karate.  DO THEY EVER.  And might I add, JON VOIGHT.  This movie makes my leg involuntarily kick the ground in pleasure.  The tragedy here is that this is probably the first and last time I’ll ever need a “Simon Rex” tag.

[Thanks to Patrick for the tip]

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