Kate Hudson stars in the female equivalent of a minstrel show

While we wait patiently for the studio to set a release date for A Little Bit of Heaven, in which Kate Hudson stars opposite Whoopi Goldberg and the hollowed-out corpse of Gael Garcia Bernal, we’ve got a new trailer for Kate Hudson’s other movie, Something Borrowed, to tide us over.  This one stars Ginnifer Goodwin as a cute lawyer who falls in love with a guy at law school, only he ends up getting engaged to Kate Hudson after a charming mix up at a bar (HAHA, ISN’T THAT ALWAYS THE WAY).  On the eve of the wedding, Ginnifer Goodwin sleeps with him and wouldn’t you know it (*RECORD SNATCH*) it’s actually her that he loves!  Her sassy gay friend John Krasinski yells, “RACHEL YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!”, but will she realize in time???

I could probably predict everything else that happens in this movie, if only I wasn’t Terry-Schiavo-with-a-feeding-tube-filled-with-paint-chips level dumb! ;-(  I better go see it!

Meanwhile, in I-sh*t-you-not-this-is-actually-true news, there’s already a plan in place for a Something Borrowed sequel, entitled… wait for it… Something Blue.  Yeah, something blew alright, Kate Hudson’s last 10 movies. (*shoots toy pistol, flag falls out reading “THAT’S A BURN”*)  I’ve seen snuff films less offensive to women. (Granted, I’ve seen a lot of snuff films.  Like, a LOT.)

[via Yahoo]