Awful Actress Leaves Awful Movie

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11.16.10 17 Comments

Katherine Heigl has dropped out of Adaline, a time travel movie in which she was set to play Angela Lansbury’s mom, and now the rumors are flying wanking.  Deadline says the word is, Heigl was fired after disagreements with Lakeshore. Both Heigl’s reps and the studio deny that, saying it was a scheduling decision.  Either way it’s a shame, because now the project is in limbo, and it’s possible we may never get to see…

…a beautiful woman who hasn’t aged in 100 years but hasn’t found love, either. She finally meets that guy for whom it might be worth embracing mortality, and all the wrinkles and sagging that comes with it.” But wait, there’s more. Adaline gains her immortality when just after she dies in a car accident she is immediately and almost simultaneously struck by lightning, keeping her forever in her 20s. [ThePlaylist]

This incredible story was set to be directed by Andy Tennant (who previously directed Hitch, Fool’s Gold, and The Bounty Hunter), from a script by Sal Paskowitz.  You may not know Sal Paskowitz, but allow me to familiarize you with his one other IMDB credit, Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega:

And now, thanks to that fickle mistress Katherine Heigl, all that’s left of Adaline is to ponder what could have been. This must’ve been how people felt when Bobby Kennedy got shot.

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