Katherine Heigl heads ‘I Hate Balls’ campaign. (Not making this up)

11.29.11 7 years ago 28 Comments

Katherine Heigl recently starred in a Funny or Die video (which you can watch below – spoiler alert, it’s “die”) and contributed her time to a new charity campaign by the Jason Heigl Foundation* called “I Hate Balls.” Of course it’s about neutering your pets, what were you thinking?

The multi-media initiative kicks off with the launch of a new website IHateBalls.com, that features an original Public Service Announcement starring Katherine Heigl and produced by Funny or Die.
The video also sets the tone for the campaign – a funny take on a very serious issue – and features not only Katherine Heigl and some four-legged friends, but a cameo by her husband, musician Josh Kelley. At the witty IHateBalls.com web site which hosts the video, visitors are offered a number of opportunities to support the campaign, promote the message, raise awareness and get involved.
Heigl explained, “Launching this campaign is hopefully the type of out-of-the-box thinking we need to heighten awareness of the devastating problem and sound the alarm that we can save many lives by simply spaying/neutering pets. Hate balls, fix pets, save lives. It’s just that simple.” [jasonheiglfoundation]

Now, let me preface this by saying that promoting the spaying and neutering of pets is completely valid issue, and in the long run, by far the best way to keep innocent little puppies and sad Sarah McClachlan dogs from getting needlessly gassed. It’s a good thing. But when you already have a reputation as a humorless shrew, hey, maybe a hilarious campaign called “I Hate Balls” isn’t the best thing for you.

And if you’re trying to poke fun at that image, maybe don’t start off your video talking about how hot you are (it doesn’t come off sounding all that sarcastic). Leave it to Katherine Heigl to find a bitchy way to love puppies.

This is how I’ll always remember her:

*Named after Katherine’s older brother, Jason, who died in a car accident in 1986.

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