Katherine Heigl Is Getting Her Psycho On In The Trailer For ‘Home Sweet Hell’

Could it be that Katherine Heigl is finally giving us something that makes her seem likable for the first time since Under Siege 2: Dark Territory? All it took was for the shunned Grey’s Anatomy actress and rom-com starlet to get a little dark on us in the new film Home Sweet Hell, as she plays a no-nonsense housewife who comes up with the best way to get revenge on her cheating husband and the woman that he’s sleeping with on the side.

The suddenly-everywhere Patrick Wilson plays the husband who finds himself in a world of hell after Heigl convinces him that they need to properly dispose of Jordana Brewster once Heigl has very gruesomely slaughtered her. Obviously, some people start asking questions and force Wilson to snort meth, so… hilarity ensues? Let’s assume that it does, according to this very red band (NSFW) trailer.