Katt Williams Got Arrested Again, While He Was At Court On A Previous Charge

As you may have heard, Katt Williams, whose entire life has become an episode of When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong, was arrested recently over a September 5th incident in which he and his buddy Suge Knight allegedly stole a paparazza’s camera (which, to be fair, shouldn’t even be a crime). This was my favorite part of the report:

Williams, who was arrested when he showed up at court for a different assault case, faces a maximum of seven years.

If you’re going to try to find Katt Williams, I suppose the courthouse is a pretty good place to start. Also, if you’re a person who’s constantly in trouble with the law, slapping Target clerks and getting in police chases on tricycles and trying to hijack passenger ferries and whatnot, would you really want to be hanging out with Suge Knight? I guess he does it because Suge Knight bailed him out after he got in that bar fight, which worked out great for Tupac.