Katt Williams Tazed A Lifeguard And Rear-Ended A Car Because It Was Talking Sh*t

Despite an epic 2012 in which he slapped a kid at Target, fled police on a high-speed tricycle, threw a rock at a car, tried to buy a $300,000 ferry, and got bailed out by Suge Knight, comedian Katt Williams had managed to stay mostly out of the headlines in 2013 and 2014. Then last week he pulled a gun inside the Comedy Store (because a guy was making comments about “his height and race”) and nearly triggered the world’s most inept police stand off. And this week, word is Katt Williams rear-ended a Honda with his Rolls Royce on the Pacific Coast Highway. But according to Katt, it was all a set up.

Katt tells us … he was driving on PCH Monday night when a beat up Honda pulled up alongside him and started taking cell phone pics, and as he put it, “talking s*** and trying to start a fight.”

Enter Katt Williams, whose entire live has become an episode of When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong…

According to Katt … the Honda swerved in front of him … forcing him to slam on the brakes.  Katt says he couldn’t stop in time and the Rolls rear ended the lesser car.  He’s convinced the Honda people were looking for a payday.

The Honda driver accused Katt of speeding … but cops didn’t buy it. They tell us they believe Katt. [TMZ1]

Wait, what? The cops believe that it actually was a setup? Damn, perhaps we owe Katt Williams an apology. (These aren’t the same cops that shot beanbags at the outside of a club while Katt Williams was home on his couch, I hope).

Katt Williams got pulled over in Malibu Tuesday evening by Sheriff’s deputies investigating his security guard for tasing a random guy on Pacific Coast Highway.

Law enforcement sources tell us the guy started kicking a car driven by Katt’s assistant … who was following Katt while he rode a Can-Am Spyder.  When Katt’s security guard got out of the car … we’re told the stranger got aggressive, and the security guard zapped him with a taser.

We’re told, as of now, no one’s getting arrested — not Katt’s security guard or the guy he tased.

He did add that the guy claimed to be a lifeguard, and hurled the n-word during the altercation. [TMZ2]

Poor Katt Williams. There he was, just chilling out in Malibu riding his expensive tricycle, when a lifeguard, he was up to no good, he started making trouble in Williams’ neighborhood. And then he got tazed. For the rest of us, that’d be a story we tell for the next 20 years, but for Katt it’s just a Tuesday. The guy can’t catch a break! And if everything he tells the cops is true, he gets called the n-word by strangers more often than Jackie Robinson.