Keanu Reeves is awesome, may only own one outfit

Keanu Reeves gets a lot of crap for maybe not being the most incredible actor, but by every account I’ve ever heard, he’s super nice and cool. If you don’t believe it, just look at this picture and ask yourself, is that the face of a not-awesome dude? I think not. No one makes double I-Love-You hands unless he’s an awesome party animal, it’s against the Geneva convention. Anyway, this picture showed up on Reddit last night, with the submitter commenting:

Look who my friends ran into this weekend (he always wears the same outfit??)!

It’s pretty sweet that Kean-Bro was down for a spontaneous celebraish with some hot Asian ninja turts, but submitter has a good point about his outfit. Does Keanu just have a closet full of identical clothes like Bart Simpson? He’s been photographed in almost the exact same clothes on at least four different occasions, and that’s just searching pictures I have saved on my computer (seriously, Photoshop f*cking loves Keanu).

Here’s a visual representation.

-Thanks for the tip, Luch.