Kellen Lutz has neat friends

I’ll admit, I don’t usually think it’s my place to post paparazzo pictures of Twilight actors, but I saw this one and couldn’t stop laughing. Pictures of Twilight actors have that effect on me, it seems. “Unnnnngggggghh, sorry girl, should’ve turned the phone off vibrate.”
Anyway, that’s Kellan Lutz – he of Twilight and “you wanna see my sh*t?” underwear commercial “fame” – hanging out with his girlfriend, Sharni Vinson (excuse me, ma’am, your name seems to be missing some consonants) on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht in San Tropez. Whatever, bro, I ain’t jealous of your glamorous life. I’ll be hanging out with my dog later today in Martin Luther King Jr.’s city park in San Francisco. As for his girl, I think I speak for all of us guys when I say “Too skinny, 2/10, would not bang.”
Seriously though, way too skinny for my tastes. I like a girl who looks like she’d at least get winded after 10 or 15 minutes of me chasing her. Also, that swimsuit looks like a 17th-century fop jizzed ruffles on it.

“Kellan” and “Sharni.” Seriously. I’m going to punch the next white person I see.
“No, I like YOUR nipples!”
[via Celebslam, more pictures there]