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Being that I’m a huge fan of anything homoerotic tough guy who loves MMA (GRR, MOUNT POSITION), I saw this story a

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few days ago but was waiting on more info.

Anyway, the story is UFC middleweight Rich Franklin  (wrongly credited as middleweight champ by Variety – he’s actually former middleweight champ ever since Anderson Silva gave him the first of two involuntary nose jobs), will be starring in a Weapon, alongside Tiffani (the “I” at the end stands for “hI, I’m a whore”) Thiessen and… FILMDRUNK’S MAN OF THE YEAR, BRUCE GREENWOOD!  As previously reported, Bruce Greenwood:

•    invented an inflatable hat shaped like the Vancouver Stadium Dome for The Grey Cup of 1983
•    can do a definitive rogue elephant trumpeting impression
•    can’t own a pet because of his travels but does have a cement dog named Rascal
•    says he could kick Rich Franklin’s ass and that Rich is a pussy if he doesn’t fight him []

Sorry, got off track there. It’s just that Bruce is such a fascinating human being.  Anyway, the movie. “In the pic, a U.S. border patrol agent (Thiessen) apprehends a genetically engineered super-soldier (Franklin) but runs into trouble when the soldier’s creator (Greenwood) starts hunting them down.”  Which sounds to me like I should help you find naked pictures of Tiffani Thiessen  (here and here – NWS, if your boss is a pussy).

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