Kevin Hart And Josh Gad Will Star In ‘The Wedding Ringer’

01.28.14 4 years ago 16 Comments

Wedding Ringer

One of the things that I promised myself while writing the Worst Movies of 2013 feature was that I am going to be more positive in 2013, so I don’t think I’ll face a better opportunity than this news about the upcoming film The Wedding Ringer. Now that Kevin Hart helped deliver the first blockbuster of 2014 in Ride Along, which has grossed a remarkable $75 million to date, including a $41 million opening weekend, studios know that he’s guaranteed CHA-CHING for the Martin Luther King Day weekend. That’s why Sony couldn’t wait to ink the insanely popular comic for MLK2015 with The Wedding Ringer.

Starring alongside Hart will be another immensely popular actor-du-jour, Josh Gad, whose voice is the sole reason (citation needed) that Frozen has earned $347 million at the box office. With two comedic heavyweights locked up for this film, it has to have an incredibly original plot, right? You bet. According to Deadline, The Wedding Ringer is going to change the way we laugh at weddings forever.

Hart stars as Jimmy, who provides best man services for socially challenged guys. One groom-to-be (Josh Gad) hires him — then goes so far as to name nine fake groomsmen.

If you’re like me, your sides already hurt, and definitely not from imagining three studio interns sprinting through hallways, one with the script of Hitch in his hands, another with The Wedding Date and the third with Wedding Crashers, only to collide in a corridor, launching all of the pages into the air and causing one of them to just grab 120 random pages that then become The Wedding Ringer. Nope, I’m positively laughing at Hart and Gad causing hilarity to ensue.

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