Kevin Smith discussing his weight loss with Joy Behar now

Every time I want to jump on the internets-hate-Kevin-Smith-now bandwagon, and it’s often tempting, I’ll hear him on some radio show and can’t help but think that he’s still a pretty likable guy.  And anyway, what’s so wrong with wanting to distribute his own movies?  He might take forever to get to the damned point (and sh*t), but it still seems like a perfectly worthwhile, not-necessarily-narcissistic goal (and whatnot).  That being said, when you show up on daytime TV talking to Joy Behar about your recent weight loss, that seems like a pretty clear indication that you’ve overshared.

The director and ‘Jay and Silent Bob’ star told Joy Behar about his 65-pound weight loss in a high-energy interview that led her to ask, “Are you on amphetamines?”

Ouch.  Damn, son, you just got asked if you were on drugs by a chick that used to work with Sherri Shepard.  Then again, I guess anyone would seem like a speed freak compared to those lobotomized lumps.
Sorry, back to the interview.  So, Kev, tell us, why the f*ck are you still wearing that butt-ugly hockey sweater?

Smith told Behar he “spent most of my life yo-yoing in terms of weight” and likes to wear loose-fitting hockey jerseys no matter what his weight is. “I call up Omar the tent maker,” he joked. “Get me a hockey jersey, and he takes all the rayon, all this material … and makes my jersey. It’s a whole team I’m wearing! I’m wearing twelve kids on my chest.”

Haha, great, that totally makes sense now.  I’m glad we had this talk. I can’t wait to see Kevin Smith eye-raping me at the checkout stand from the cover of his next People Magazine tell-all exclusive, “I LOVE SHANTS! Clerks director finally comes clean about his lifelong love of the relaxed fit, hatred of exposed leg skin.”

Anyway, here’s a new clip from Red State.  (Remember that?  Kevin Smith directs movies.)

Three guys waiting to bang a mom in a trailer?  Jeez, it’s like they filmed it inside your childhood.

(Yes, that was Melissa Leo, Oscar-nominated mom from The Fighter).  [via MTV]