Kevin Smith Squashes His Beef With Film Critics The Week His New Film Screens For Them

Although I only like about one and a half, maybe two of his movies, I always liked Kevin Smith. He was funny and always struck me as a straight shooter, and he got famous having the balls to believe in himself, which is undeniably cool. I’d eagerly devour his stories about Reese Witherspoon and Jon Peters. Then, some time around the time Cop Out came out, Kevin Smith decided that no one liked Cop Out not because it sucked, but because all critics were meanies and jerks, only a slight variation on that old “I do this for the fans, maaan” chestnut. As a film critic, I can tell you that most critics indeed are meanies and jerks (not to mention hemophiliacs and asthmatics with translucent albino skin), but Kevin Smith saying it when it was suddenly self-serving felt like the transparent reaction of a wounded second grader. (It probably doesn’t help that Kevin Smith still dresses like a second grader, complete with his own customized superhero costume).

Instead of backing off his wounded but more or less understandable initial reaction, Smith doubled down. Next thing you know, he was announcing an “anti-movie review” show on Hulu, where they wouldn’t review films, but revere them, “savor them like a fine liqueur” (barf). Because God knows the thing this world needs more of is more mindless shilling. But three or four years on, Kevin Smith says he’s okay with critics again and that it’s time to squash the beef. Probably by SITTING on it, LOLOLOLOL!!11!!!! (I’m sorry).

From Buzzfeed‘s profile on Smith and his new movie, Tusk:

As for critics, who Smith lashed out against with so much vitriol a few years ago — Smith actually read and retweeted a review the other day. It helps, of course, that it was a rave, but he still described the moment as a “big breakthrough.” “It was such a crazy emotional moment where I got a little wet-eyed, just by virtue of the fact that for so long, I was so f*cking angry,” he explained.

“It was nice to let go of that. I’m too f*cking old to fight or care anymore. I’m old now enough to know some people are going to like it and some people are not going to like it. And that’s way easier to say with something like Tusk, because yeah, some people are not going to like it.”

He paused and added, “I’m more shocked that anybody likes it. I’m delighted.”

So, to recap, Kevin Smith received a positive review, retweeted it, and was then so proud of himself for being  the bigger man that he got misty eyed. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Tusk opens next weekend.