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Aw yeah, nothing like an obscure internet feud to start off the new year.  So apparently Neil Patrick Harris was asking his Twitter followers to support him in the Man of the Decade awards (editor’s note: I have no idea what that is).  NPH’s followers and Kevin Smith’s overlap, and some fans appealed to Kevin Smith for his vote.  At which point Smith said he wasn’t a fan of NPH, citing this exchange from an interview NPH did while promoting the Harold & Kumar sequel:

Neil Patrick Harris: They were smart for actually hiring two actors that were actual actors playing parts, instead of hiring two sort of dudes that were those guys. They didn’t hire like Jason Mewes and the other dude… Silent Bob… What is that movie Jay and Silent Bob, like what’s Jay’s name?
Quint: Jason Mewes, you were right.
Neil Patrick Harris: He was this drugged out mess of a guy that was his friend and so he just cast him in the movie and filmed him doing crazy sh*t.

Kevin Smith took offense to that, which is natural, considering putting Jason Mewes in his movies is the best thing he’s ever done.  From Movieline:

“I mean, why say something like that?” Smith tweeted. “S’not true OR respectful of a fellow performer. Dude essentially said Mewes isn’t an actor. Wow…It’s a snobby, reductive diss.” The director has continued to defend Mewes and lay into Harris over the last twelve hours of nonstop Twittering, writing that Harris’s accusation “is not only untrue, it minimizes Mewes’ contributions as AN ACTOR. It’s a narrow-minded, ignorantly reductive sentiment, patched together from quasi-facts that aren’t even related. It’s akin to me knowing NPH is gay & knowing he’s on [How I Met Your Mother], and then somehow coming to the conclusion that his process must include a d*ck in his mouth right before each take… & THEN EXPRESSING THAT SAME BAFFLING IGNORANCE IN AN INTERVIEW.

To which Neil Patrick Harris fired back:

“Didn’t realize the upset my words caused. Looked back at what you said, and I concur. Ignorance on my part. Apologies.” [source]

Wow.  Lame, NPH.  Maybe it’s homophobic of me, but when Kevin Smith picks a fight with a gay dude, I expect at least a few bitchy retorts about that stupid ass coat he’s always wearing.

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