Kevin Smith’s Red State is… an action movie?

Trailer day continues here on FilmDrunk, with the new red-band trailer for Kevin Smith’s Red State and sh*t. Our favorite jorts-ensconced taint enthusiast (thanks, Chareth) famously told mainstream distributors to suck his weiner at Sundance, where he announced he’d be distributing the film himself, before screening it to a packed house that included Harvey Weinstein talking on his cell phone, whom Smith supposedly told to shut the f*ck up because “in every f*ckin’ tale of fathers and sons, there comes a moment where you step up and say ‘Today I’m a man,’ that kind of bullsh*t.”

What the hell were we talking about again? Oh right, movies. So Red State hits VOD on Labor Day weekend with special event theatrical screenings happening in October, and it looks… surprisingly actiony? Indie horror films aren’t really my “thing” (and might actually be the furthest thing from my thing outside slam poetry), but the entire last minute of the trailer is people shooting machine guns at each other. So that’s… uh… different. The titles also say it comes from “@THATKEVINSMITH”, which is Big Kev’s Twitter handle.

GOODMAN: “You said this was going to be a simple in and out, sir! Well simple just sh*t itself!”

“Safety got finger cuffed, logic’s in the first row at a donkey show, and regulations are out getting choke-f*cked like Princess Leia in Empire! Now it’s up to us to go ass-to-mouth with a plan B before this whole thing Cleveland Steamers in our face!”

Yes, an interesting mix of styles, this.