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Much like Todd Phillips did with The Hangover, when no studios wanted to make Kick-Ass the way Matthew Vaughn wanted (ultra violent and profane), he went around them, securing independent financing.  But now that it’s finished and received a positive response at Comic Con, Lionsgate, Paramount, and Universal are all making bids for distribution, kinda like that girl who rejected me before she saw me in this new shirt, how you like me now you stupid bitch.

Studios interested in “Kick-Ass” see a Vaughn pickup, even at a price in the solid seven figures and with a significant P&A commitment, as a way to plug a franchise-level property into their slate with comparatively little financial risk or production headaches.

Vaughn and his Marv Films had a deal with Sony Pictures, but the studio and filmmaker couldn’t see eye-to-eye on “Kick-Ass” on issues like the age of the protagonists; Sony, for instance, wanted Vaughn to turn the girl into an older teenager. Vaughn then decided to go the self- and indie-financing route.

The production backstory of “Kick-Ass” is part of a trend of bigger-budgeted commercial movies opting to go outside the system as studios become more selective about what they make. “There has never been a better time for independent financiers to access commercial material in the $25 million-$30 million range, because the studios just aren’t financing as many of these kinds of projects,” said one agent involved in the film-financing world. [RiskyBizBlog]

You can’t fault the big studios for wanting to make money — fine.   But you’d at least think someone would be embarrassed to be making a movie about Candyland, or to be quoted in an article about Bazooka Joe.  But try as we might to shame them, that never seems to be the case.  Anyway, it’s just nice to report stories like this, about people trying to sell a product they actually believe in for a change.  You just know popcorn is going to be better if you buy it from a guy like Orville Redenbacher, because you can tell that ugly motherfcker loves some motherfcking popcorn, just like Matthew Vaughn.

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