‘Kickboxer’ Remake To Star Tony Jaa, GSP, And Batista As Tong Po

I made lots of fun of the idea of a Raid remake starring Taylor Kitsch, because why would you remake a martial arts movie with a random white guy from Canada? I should’ve shut my mouth, because it turns out they’re also remaking Kickboxer with Alain Moussi, a French-Canadian stuntman. Still, a couple things make this sound a lot better than that Raid remake: For one, Moussi is actually a martial artist. Not to mention, they’re also in talks to add Tony Jaa, GSP, and Batista as Tong Po.

…Cool? I have to admit I don’t view Van Damme movies with the same air of the sacrosanct as I do, say, Schwarzenegger or Verhoeven movies. I’m willing to admit there are probably other people who can do da spleets, no problem.

More notable names in action are eyeing the Kickboxer reboot that’s got UFC champ George St. Pierre, stunt man Alain Moussi, and Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Dave Bautista set to star. English martial artist Scott Adkins (The Bourne Ultimatum, Ninja: Shadow of a Tear) and Thai star Tony Jaa (Ong Bak) are in discussions to join the remake of the classic Jean-Claude Van Damme action pic, which Chinese helmer Stephen Fung (Tai Chi Zero) is directing.

Moussi will star as Kurt Sloan, a talented martial artist who travels to Thailand where he learns the secrets of the kickboxer to avenge his brother’s death at the hands of Tong Po (Bautista). Adkins is eyeing the role of Kurt’s older brother, while Jaa would play the Muay Thai master who trains Kurt to beat Tong Po. [Deadline]

I’ll admit that I don’t know that much about Alain Moussi, and from what I do know, he seems like a perfectly cromulent choice for chop-socky. But if I was remaking Kickboxer, I doubt my number one concern would be “make sure the lead is a French guy!”

Here’s Moussi doing some martial arts stuff.

Also, I’m pretty sure this gif is from Bloodsport but I don’t care: