Kids Re-enact Green Lantern, Baby Goose’s dog got a haircut

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06.21.11 10 Comments

Here are some little kids re-enacting Green Lantern. Here’s a movie you can re-enact: Shut the Hell Up.  Now teach it to your friends. |Babelgum|


Meme Watch: Oblivious Canadian Makeout Couple [Uproxx]

G4 pulls Ryan Dunn’s reality show. Probably because it was about him testing out wild videogame stunts. |WarmingGlow|

Sylvester Stallone inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame [WithLeather]

Peter King is really looking forward to his vacation. |KSK|

5 Dogs That Look Like Tom Haverford [Uproxx]

Hey, girl, do you like Patches’ new hair cut? I gave him a mohawk, so he would feel tough and dangerous. Aw, don’t you like it, Patches?  Come on, I’ll carry you over to Orange Julius.  |via EOnline|

George Lucas said something about Star Wars to Simon Pegg. |GammaSquad|

This dress is very vaginal.  Simply the word is enough to make some men uncomfortable. |Buzzfeed|

Chris Brown is in a video with Justin Bieber.  There’s a lot of ways I could go with a joke here. |Videogum|

Homeless man’s dying wish is to be re-united with his dog.  Aw, how come hobos and worthless hippies always have the cutest dogs? |TheDailyWhat|

I wish all the Palins and everyone tangentially associated with them would get c*nt cancer. |TheSuperficial|

Here’s a Woolite commercial Rob Zombie directed. |GorillaMask|

Here’s a gif of a horse kicking a camera man in the face. |HolyTaco|

Woody Allen gets a cast for his next movie. I actually really liked Midnight in Paris and I’m hoping to review it. |ScreenJunkies|

Katie Holmes has nice nipples.  No, I’m not going to discuss her stomach. |WWTDD|

D-Bag Diamond Backs Fan Steals Ball from a Woman [Brobible]

A Gallery of Girls Who Actually Bought that R2D2 Swimsuit [Unreality]




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