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11.06.09 24 Comments

(It’s a turn on, because who hasn’t wanted to choke Kate Hudson?)

After the jump I’ve got the extended,

  • Casey Affleck goes to Jessica Alba’s house, gets angry, pins her down and starts belting her butt.  Surprise!  She loves it, and bites the sheets. (!)
  • Casey Affleck puts his cigar butt out on a dude’s hand. (Like a boss).
  • Casey Affleck and Kate Hudson enjoy some kinky choke-play. (The best kind of choke-play).
  • Two words: Aggressive fingering. (The only kind of fingering).
  • Kate Hudson re-enacts the video for “Smell Yo D***
  • Casey Affleck beats the crap out of Jessica Alba. (Oh sure, they say they like the rough stuff until you learn to box).

Bottom line, this was all sort of disturbing and I didn’t know whether to jerk off or curl up like a baby and suck my thumb.  So I did both.

UPDATE: I realize the video I added originally didn’t work for some people, so I attached a new YouTube version.

So of course this is all pretty sexual, but the only technically NSFW thing is a split-second flash of bare butt at the 59-second mark. If the top player isn’t working, trying the YouTube one below.

[via BloodyDisgusting, thanks to Matt for the tip]

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