Val Kilmer's ponytail plays Stephenie Meyer in Francis Coppola's 'Twixt'

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08.03.11 13 Comments

This is the trailer for Twixt, from Francis Ford Coppola, the famous wine magnate who many forget once directed films. Starring Val Kilmer and Elle Fanning with narration by Tom Waits, Twixt follows Kilmer’s charater, an author who writes books about witches who finds himself stuck in a small town haunted by a ghost played by Fanning. It premieres at the Toronto Film Festival, and apparently it’s some kind of choose-your-own-adventure story.

Legendary director Francis Ford Coppola premiered his interactive film, “Twixt” at Comic-Con a little more than a week ago, announcing that he would be taking the haunting mystery film on a road tour in which he’d tailor the show to each audience, each night, changing it by cutting and adding as it went along.
“If the audience is the mood to go off on a little bit of a tangent, then you’d be able to go off on a tangent, but if the audience seems to want to cut to the chase, you could cut to the chase,” he told the AP at the event, teasing a new level of fan participation in cinema.
No matter what version ends up on screen, the film will feature Val Kilmer as a witchcraft-focused author who finds himself, during a book tour, in a strange town that recently experienced a mass murder; while investigating, he comes across the ghosts Edgar Allan Poe and a girl played by Elle Fanning. He begins to pursue the story for his next book, and all hauntings, nightmares and danger begin to jump out at every turn. [HuffingtonPost]

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