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08.14.08 63 Comments

Once upon a time, Kirk Cameron was the teen heartthrob from Growing Pains. Somewhere along the line, he found Jesus, and he decided that he wanted us to know Jesus too.  Biblically.  But he was fed up with all the faggy forgiveness and salvation brand of Jesus worshipping going around.  He knew that the true path to righteousness was through good old fashionged fear of demons gnashing your bones for all eternity.  Today, I have the poster and trailer for his latest endeavor, Fireproof, in which he plays a fireman who saves people from fires, and also from burning in hell.  It’s like a double entendre, get it?

The slogan is "Never leave your partner behind," because your partner should also believe in Jesus so that they don’t get left behind.  In hell.  Oh, and I should note that you also shouldn’t take your partner from behind, because that will also result in hell.  I recommend the website, it’s hours of fun. 

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