Kristen Bell Channels Her Dark Wendy Peffercorn In The Trailer For ‘The Lifeguard’

Hey everybody! Who’s ready to laugh? No one? Good, because here’s a movie trailer that is probably going to depress the sh*t out of you. Written and directed by Liz W. Garcia, The Lifeguard is the story of a 29-year old journalist, living the big life in New York City, only to realize that being an adult is a major pain in the ass and sometimes incredibly depressing, so she decides to move back home to Connecticut to live with her parents.

While there, the woman (Kristen Bell) starts hanging out with an old friend (Martin Starr) and decides that she wants her old high school job as a lifeguard back, because things were so much easier when we were young and stupid. Even better, she meets a new guy and they start dating, and it can’t possibly go wrong. Except that he’s only 16 and she’s probably going to prison.

Anyway, watch the trailer for the film that Vince gave an 8 out of 10 on the Sundanciness Scale, and then meet me in the Taco Bell parking lot to smoke cigarettes and drink Mickey’s Ice.