Kubrick’s lost film about carnies to star Rockwell, ScarJo

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A lost work of Stanley Kubrick’s is being brought to the big screen, hopefully without Spielberg to screw it up this time.  It’s called Lunatic at Large, and it’s based on a story by pulp writer Jim Thompson:

Production Weekly reports that Sam Rockwell and Scarlett Johansson are in early negotiations to topline the film as Johnnie Shephard and Joyce, respectively, an ex-carnival worker with serious anger-management issues and a nervous, attractive barfly he picks up. According to the trade, Kubrick’s son-in-law Philip Hobbs unearthed the misplaced treatment in 1999 when rummaging through items from the late filmmaker’s estate. [Hollywood.com]

“I knew what it was right away,” he told the New York Times. “Because I remember Stanley talking about Lunatic. He was always saying he wished he knew where it was, because it was such a great idea.” [via theGuardian]

The great set piece is a nighttime carnival sequence in which Joyce, lost and afraid, wanders among the tents and encounters a sideshow’s worth of familiar carnie types: the Alligator Man, the Mule-Faced Woman, the Midget Monkey Girl, the Human Blockhead, with the inevitable noggin full of nails.  [Hollywood.com]

The rumor is that the project could be back on, but still needs a director.  Count me in.  Is there any actor more perfect for the role of carny than Sam Rockwell?  Steve Buscemi comes close, but no one has a face that screams “I take pictures of little girls underwear underneath the Tilt O’ Whirl to sell on the internet” like Sam Rockwell’s.  And judging by that last part of the description, it sounds like Sarah Jessica Parker has a role in it too.

Scarlett Johansson topless sideboob sexiness

You’re welcome.  (source)

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