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This is the trailer for Jeffrey Lau’s Kung Fu Cyborg, a title so awesome it makes Snakes on a Plane look like Lesbian Vampire Killers.  Unfortunately, it’s basically a cheap Chinese ripoff of Transformers (I hear the DVDs are 76% lead), and considering the first 30 seconds of it is all context-free establishing shots set to bad audio, you wonder if they learned to cut trailers from the Birdemic guy (obscure enough reference for you? Christ.). Anyway, then it transitions into some fantastically low-budget CGI work and shots of indistinguishable robots.  So, a lot like the American Transformers.  I dunno, call me a hater, but when I hear a movie called Kung Fu Cyborg I expect to see some cyborgs doing Kung Fu.  I guess I’m old fashioned like that. I also prefer the original title, Keanu Reeves.

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