Kurt Russell’s Son, Wyatt, Is Joining The Cast Of 22 Jump Street

Lost in all the comic book movie news at Comic Con 2013 was the revelation that the sequel to Channing Tatum’s comedy hit, 21 Jump Street, is not only still happening (and on pace for a June 13, 2014 release) but it will be called 22 Jump Street, because as co-director Phil Lord explained, the undercover operation “moves across the street.” Lord and the $200 million big screen adaptation’s other director, Chris Miller, are not only returning, but so are Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube.

And they’ll be joined by Kurt Russell’s and Goldie Hawn’s son, Wyatt Russell, who will be playing C-Tates’ frat bro and the possible lead villain, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The part is a major coup for Russell, who up until now has been known for his minor league hockey career. In fact, he played a hockey player in last year’s Judd Apatow comedy This is 40.

But he has been slowly making in-roads into screen work and recent credits include Cowboys & Aliens and Love and Honor, a drama that also starred Liam Hemsworth and Teresa Palmer.

Lord and Miller also hinted at Comic Con that we could see another big surprise like the Holly Robinson Peete, Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise cameos in the first film, which could only mean that we’d get a Richard Grieco sighting. Hell, maybe even Mario Van Peebles would show up as “Dana” from the two episodes he appeared in back in 1989.

The most important thing here is Wyatt Russell’s success, because it could lead to him receiving bigger offers and leading roles, including my unsold screenplay for Big Trouble in Little China 2: The Pork Chop Express Rides Again. It’s the film that everyone on this planet should demand to see before it’s too late.